General Media Inquiries

Media Hotline
+1 312 696-6037

Morningstar Data Requests
(For Journalists Only)

Please note that we have recently revised our process for Morningstar data requests.

If you are a journalist seeking Morningstar data for editorial purposes, please reach out to where we now have a full team of data specialists to address your requests. Kindly cite all Morningstar data in editorial mentions as “according to Morningstar Direct”.

U.S. Media Relations Contacts

Stephanie Lerdall
Media Relations Senior Manager
+1 312 244-7805

Sarah Wirth             
Media Relations Manager
+1 312 244-7358

Rebecca Rogalski
Media Relations Associate
+1 312 244-7771

Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC

Vanessa Sussman
Director of Media Relations
+1 646 560-4541

Asia Media Relations Contact

Stephanie Ho             
Marketing and Communications Director            
+852 2973 4655

Canada Media Relations Contact

Allison Hoff
Senior Marketing and Communications Manager
+1 416 484-7020

India Media Relations Contact

Nikita More
Marketing Manager
+91 22 61217212

U.K. Media Relations Contacts

Mary Kenefake
EMEA Communications Manager
+44 0203 194 1027

Mimi Celeste Taylor 
Media Relations Associate
+44 0203 107 0109 

UK Media Hotline
+44 020 3107 0023

Australia/New Zealand Media Relations Contact

PitchBook Data

Bailey Fox
PR Manager
+1 206 823-3022

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