September 14, 2018

The July 25, 2018 press release notes that 19,000 advisors globally use Morningstar Managed Portfolio (making up $44.7B of assets under management).

We do not disclose our estimates of the percentage of advisor client assets under management or advisement in Morningstar Managed Portfolios. That said, we believe there is ample opportunity for us to win more of our existing clients’ assets, as well as win new clients, as advisor practices evolve over time to cope with the rise of digital advice offerings, a heightened fiduciary environment, and increasing demand for value-added services as part of a comprehensive financial plan. Cerulli Associates estimates that out of $5.3 trillion in managed assets in the U.S. at the end of 2017, approximately $3.0 trillion of these are outsourced using non-rep managed programs, which we consider to be addressable. Over the next four years, Cerulli expects that managed assets in the U.S. will reach approximately $8 trillion, which includes about $4.5 trillion in addressable assets. We’re excited about the sizable opportunity this represents for us.

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