September 18, 2020

John Gabbert disclosed PitchBook’s NPS at the Annual Meeting in 2018 of 58, and Kunal Kapoor indicated that it is “off the charts” at the 2020 Annual Meeting. What is it now? Can you disclose other NPS scores across Morningstar’s products? How is NPS score viewed by Morningstar’s management team?

Across different industries, NPS scores are used to aid sales, service and, most importantly, product to understand trends in user satisfaction and sentiment. Scores below zero present a real need for product and service improvement, scores 0-30 are considered good, 30-70 great, and 70+ excellent.  

At Morningstar, management tracks company-level and product-level NPS scores and measures these scores according to these aforementioned ranges to help understand customer sentiment and experience. In addition to the “absolute” scores, management pays close attention to NPS trends as one of many ways of measuring progress. 

PitchBook’s NPS score year to date is 59. PitchBook believes that one of its differentiating qualities is a high-level of customer service, and we believe that this number reflects that. We have historically not disclosed specific NPS scores for our other products; however, we can share that across our other highest growth products and strategic imperatives, we have NPS scores that range from “good” to “great.”  Our product and service teams leverage all of this insight to drive service improvements and product roadmap prioritizations. Further, NPS scores are combined with other sources of customer feedback, including CSAT (Customer Satisfaction score), win/loss data, user group feedback and usage data, to deliver a more complete picture of customer health and satisfaction. 

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