What have been your recent ESG ratings and how are you working to improve them over time? How do you integrate ESG ratings into your business decisions and future investments? How do you engage internal and external stakeholders in your ESG strategy and the enhancement of your ratings?

February 5, 2024

Morningstar participates in ESG ratings evaluations from external providers including MSCI, ISSB, Equileap, and EcoVadis. We welcome the feedback provided by these ratings. They contribute to our understanding of the ESG issues that are material to Morningstar and to our ability to prioritize the management of these issues across the firm. In addition, we partner with researchers across Morningstar to examine the firm’s strengths and opportunities to improve performance. We don’t publicly disclose our ratings; these ratings are available to subscribers to the various rating providers’ platforms.

Morningstar’s executive leadership team and board provide oversight relating to key aspects of our sustainability strategy. Our business units and central functions across the firm are aligned with our strategy and our corporate goals. Externally, we regularly disclose our sustainability progress and data to keep stakeholders informed.

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